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DeLaney began her formal study of nutrition in college. Knowing the correlation between diet and disease, she pursued a registered dietician degree with the ultimate goal of combining healthful foods and nutritional supplements once in practice. In 1981, realizing most physicians did not embrace holistic views, she left college and began independent study of integrative medicine.

DeLaney became seriously ill while working as hearing officer at U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Sacramento in 1983 and ultimately lost her job.Over time, she gave up the hope that traditional medicine could restore her health and sought out experts in the fields of holistic health and alternative medicine then passionately studied their work. DeLaney credits those pioneers for the recovery of her health and for her professional success in Holistic Anti-Aging.

DeLaney established private practice as a Holistic Health Practitioner in Sacramento in 1984 and opened a second location in Carmel in 2000. In the fall of 2012, she moved with her husband to Santa Barbara and established a third practice there. Her specialization in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy developed in 1991 from identifying the connection between numerous health conditions and hormone levels of her clients.

DeLaney remains at the forefront of her field and attends progressive holistic and anti-aging medical conferences which present the latest research on integrative medicine and alternative therapies used throughout the world.

DeLaney’s highly diversified background includes formal education, vocational training, independent study and recognition in the following areas:

  • Registered Nutrition Consultant (1989)
  • Naturopath: Clayton College of Natural Health (1989)
  • Board Certified Naturopath:
    • American Association of Naturopathic Physicians,
      District of Columbia (1991)
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (1992)


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DeLaney Gabriel, HHP

1957 ▲ Identified the Connection between Diet and Disease

At the age of nine, DeLaney learned first-hand about the link between “what you eat and how you feel.”  Growing up in a very small community in central Oklahoma, her childhood was greatly affected by the poor physical and emotional health of her adopted mother who was in and out of hospitals until she died at the age of 56.

Self-centered as are most children in their adolescence, DeLaney was concerned about her own well-being and she greatly looked forward to the family’s Saturday trip to town.  To her, the connection between diet and disease was this simple: If her mother ate pancakes for breakfast she would get sick and DeLaney wouldn’t get to go to town!  That was her first exposure to the health condition known as Candida Albicans and to the connection between diet and disease.

 1970’s ▲ Formal Study of Nutrition

DeLaney’s childhood experiences were her first introduction into the health field.  In the early 1970’s, she began formal study of nutrition at Central State University in Edmond, OK.  Knowing that dietary changes were not enough to address disease, she

pursued a degree as a Registered Dietician (R.D.) with the ultimate goal of utilizing a combination of healthful foods and nutritional supplements once in practice.

Her formal education at CSU continued part-time for several years during her service as Jury Clerk for the U.S. District Court in Oklahoma City and for an additional two years at American River College after her appointment as Hearing Officer at U.S. Bankruptcy Court in 1979.

 1981 ▲ Independent Study of Alternative Therapies

Astounded by the fact that R.D.’s could not recommend supplements and confronted with overwhelming knowledge that most physicians did not embrace holistic views, DeLaney left college short of a degree in 1981 and resumed independent study of alternative medicine which she began in the mid-‘70’s.

Through the events that soon followed, DeLaney was reminded of the control that physicians have over one’s health and she reflected on some prior experience.  In 1975, DeLaney had become highly intrigued by testimony of holistic health freedom advocates during the laetrile court case heard before Judge Luther Bohanon in Oklahoma City.  Of particular interest to her was the judge’s ruling that honored a person’s freedom of choice – including the freedom to make a wrong choice.  Little did she know that this exposure to holistic health therapies and freedom of personal choice for healthcare would so greatly influence her profession and life’s work.

 1982 ▲ Personal Illness Led to Career Change

During her tenure as Hearing Officer at U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Sacramento, DeLaney became very ill and physicians could not determine the cause. Over time, it was determined that her debilitation was caused by an immune system overload of environmental chemicals from the new hearing room.  DeLaney’s condition was later categorized by what became known as “Sick Building Syndrome.” Because she was unable to carry out the responsibilities of her position, she was released from her job in 1983.

A single mother of a 12 year old daughter, DeLaney was desperate to regain her health.  Due to the severity of her illness, she initially sought help from highly skilled physicians.  Over time, she gave up the hope that traditional medicine could restore her health so and resorted to self-treatment based on her former holistic studies and sought out experts in the field of alternative medicine and insatiably studied their work. Understanding Divine Intervention, this journey was her greatest teacher and to date DeLaney credits those health pioneers and medical mavericks for the recovery of her health and for her professional success in Holistic Anti-Aging.

Since childhood, DeLaney had seen first-hand that the correlation to diet and disease was widespread and that families were affected by it physically, emotionally and financially.  Continuously questioning the cause, the answer was eventually made clear in 1983 when Candida Albicans became widely known as a primary cause of gastrointestinal dysbiosis which was prevalent among those who had a history of taking antibiotics.

1984 ▲ Established Private Practice in Sacramento CA

Knowing that Candida continued to affect her own health, DeLaney found the treatment cure by taking probiotics and eliminating most wheat, dairy and sugar from her diet.  Her success in this field provided the business model to establish private practice as a Holistic Health Practitioner in Sacramento in 1984.  DeLaney’s success and passion to help others also led her to actively participate in the Candida Research and Information Foundation (C.R.I.F.) and to provide health seminars for her Candida support group which she named Yeast Busters!   Realizing that environmental chemicals contributed to her prior cardiac events, she served as president of the Human Ecology Action League (H.E.A.L.) to bring public awareness to this issue.

1988 ▲ Preventive Medical Clinic

Through more Divine Intervention and dreams coming true, in 1988, DeLaney was invited to work with world renowned physician Garry Gordon, M.D. at Preventive Medical Clinic in Sacramento.  Eagerly accepting the opportunity, DeLaney moved her practice to the clinic and began her work in integrative medicine and anti-aging therapies.  She successfully treated patients for a wide range of health maladies including addiction, adrenal fatigue, allergies, arthritis, asthma, cancer, Candida Albicans, cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes, gastrointestinal conditions, hypothyroidism, immune system disorders, menopause and neurological disease.

DeLaney utilized the practice of intravenous Chelation Therapy to treat a variety of health conditions including cardiovascular and neurological diseases and immune system conditions.  It was as though she was drawn there for her own healing and through numerous treatments she experienced improvement in her own health and witnessed benefits among her patients.

1989 ▲ Professional Affiliation:  American College for Advancement in Medicine

Encouraged by physicians at Preventive Medical Clinic, DeLaney pursued a degree as a naturopathic doctor.  A natural to the profession, she completed the distance learning program through Clayton School of Natural Health and received her credential as Naturopathic Doctor in 1989.  After two years of work toward a specialization in anti-aging medicine, she became credentialed as a Board Certified Naturopath in 1991.

Through seminars sponsored by the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), DeLaney was introduced to legendary medical doctors who pioneered many non-traditional health therapies utilized throughout the world.  In break-out sessions, physicians and researchers in the field presented scientific research in nutritional therapeutics.  This format provided a strong foundation on which DeLaney would build her practice in alternative and complementary medicine.

1989 ▲ Identified Connection between Health and Hormones

While working with patients at Preventive Medical Clinic, DeLaney identified the connection between numerous health conditions and hormone deficiencies and imbalances.  Sitting in her office one afternoon, she sketched a pie graph showing the primary diseases that she treated.  Doodling at the center point of her graph, she asked, “What is it that all of these have in common?”  And the answer came quickly and clearly – “Hormones!!!”

Soon, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) would develop as her specialty.  In October of 1989, she was introduced to John Lee, M. D., a leader and educator in the field of hormones and one who became her mentor.  Serendipitously, DeLaney also became professionally affiliated with a pharmacist who specialized in compounding Bio-Identical Hormones.  Over time, DeLaney learned not only how to prescribe the Bio-Identical Hormones but she also became a specialist in treating patients utilizing the more natural form of hormones and other anti-aging therapies.

Feeling complete with her tenure at the Clinic, DeLaney moved her practice so she could dedicate more time for studying the connection between health and hormones.  Aware of medical politics and the controversy amongst physicians over traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), she dedicated most of her time to “researching research.”  Determined to remain uninfluenced by all others, DeLaney’s pursuit of The Truth about the connection between hormones and cancer or other serious side effects took her on a very long personal journey which involved many late nights at UC Davis Medical Library.

DeLaney became confident that because the body cannot completely metabolize traditional HRT drugs, they can pose great risk whether used short- or long-term.  Because bio-identical hormones identically match those hormones produced within the human body, she concluded that while there are risks in taking BHRT, there are perhaps even greater risks in doing nothing!  Ultimately, the main thing that she learned was this:  She knew – that she knew – what she knew in the very beginning:  Bio-Identical Hormones are safer than traditional HRT.

1991 ▲ Holistic Health and Hormone Specialist

By 1991, DeLaney’s work in BHRT had developed as her specialty.  She had also learned to utilize comprehensive lab tests as her primary diagnostic tool in helping her patients.  She identified deficiencies and imbalances by focusing on the optimum reference range of every lab test whereas traditional medical procedure is to focus primarily on lab tests that are outside reference range.

As a Holistic Health Practitioner whose field is not licensed in California, DeLaney worked with physicians who prescribed the hormones that she recommended for her clients and she continued to monitor their symptoms, treatment lab tests as needed.

2000 ▲ Established Practice in Carmel

In 2000, DeLaney moved to Carmel and expanded her practice to include a second office there.  She continued to provide full-service holistic therapies to treat a broad base of health conditions for her patients in Sacramento and also nationwide via telephone appointments.

2003 ▲ Private Label Supplements

DeLaney introduced several private-label supplements in 2003.  Her  perseverance as a results-oriented practitioner led her to connect with the best people in the industry.  Through acquaintances with owners and representatives of numerous companies who manufacture high-quality pharmaceutical-grade dietary supplements for exclusive use by health care practitioners, DeLaney has been guided to private-label the cream-of-the-crop supplements.  She continues to update and expand her supplement line to meet the needs of her patients.  In addition to her private-label brand, she provides over 150 other nutritional supplements.

Holistic Anti-Aging for Optimum Health and Quality-of-Life . . . . .

 Holistic Anti-Aging is about treatment and prevention of all diseases, all health conditions, and all deficiencies and imbalances.

  • Holistic Anti-Aging specifically targets those conditions that typically occur if you don’t take action to prevent them.
  • Holistic Anti-Aging is about preserving physical and mental health and maintaining dignity and quality-of-life so that we may age more gracefully over many years.
  • Holistic Anti-Aging is less about your health today and more about your health tomorrow – hopefully, many tomorrows!

Formal Education, Vocational Training and Independent Study

►  Central State University, Edmond OK  (1973-1979)

►  American River College (1980-1983)

►  Preventive Medical Clinic, Sacramento CA  (1988-1990)

►  Registered Nutrition Consultant (1989)

American Nutrition Consultants Association

►  Naturopath: Clayton College of Natural Health (1989)

►  American College for Advancement in Medicine (1989)

►  Board Certified Naturopath:  American Association of

Naturopathic Physicians, District of Columbia (1991)

►  American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

(Active member since 1992)

►  Thierry Hertoghe, M.D. – Endocrinology/Thyroid Disorders (1998-Present)

►   American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)

Fellowship Program:  Hormone Therapy (2007)

DeLaney remains at the forefront of her field and attends progressive holistic and anti-aging medical conferences which present the latest research and clinical applications of complementary and alternative therapies used throughout the world.  Since 1989, she has studied side-by-side and in the lecture halls of some of the all-time greatest physicians and educators in the health field.  She credits the American College for Advancement in Medicine and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine for providing the foundation of her knowledge of science-based nutritional therapies which soothe her soul and feed her Spirit.

A Personal Note from DeLaney . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Experience in the workplace is undoubtedly the greatest teacher.  I have been in training for my job all of my life and continue to grow and thrive.  The advancements in alternative health therapies since the turn of this century have made my profession even more rewarding and exciting.

I truly love Holistic Anti-Aging – it’s the primary reason that I am dedicated to continue my practice, expand my line of private-label supplements, provide seminars and salons and offer tools to help people for many great years to come!

Wishing you the very best of health!

                                                           DeLaney Gabriel

                                                          March 18, 2013

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