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“The primary focus of this article is about menopause for women and men. As a Holistic Health Practitioner and Naturopath specializing in Bio-Identical Hormones since 1991, my practice is primarily working with women, men and children whose primary health issues are hormone-related. Fundamentally, I believe in always looking at the big picture of health instead of just focusing on what is wrong. As many health conditions and diseases are often caused by hormone deficiencies and imbalances, eating a healthful diet, taking effective nutritional supplements and using Bio-Identical Hormones can often improve health on many levels.

FSH has been the gold standard in determining whether a woman is in menopause because it indicates the level at which the ovaries are functioning. There are many lab tests which are necessary for evaluating menopause, hormone levels and overall health. Once lab tests have been run, the practitioner’s focus must be on optimum levels – not just the standard reference ranges. Additionally, the person’s symptoms and health goals need to be considered in determining the best treatment.

Ideally, complete lab testing will be performed prior to taking hormones of any kind. In reality, opinions vary among physicians and many do not order all of the tests before prescribing hormones. If you are taking hormones of any kind, I recommend that you have lab tests run asap – or ASAP for urgent needs and concerns.

Women who have hormonal imbalances such as menopausal symptoms typically want to focus on hormone tests only BUT I always recommend that comprehensive blood tests be run to assess overall health. There are dozens of reasons to take hormones – but I’m always looking for one better reason not to take hormones!!! And quite often that “one better reason not to” is found within the lab test results, e.g., liver enzymes may be high-end, kidneys may be on overload, inflammatory markers may be elevated, thyroid function may be suboptimal, and “bad estrogen” may be way too high– and in any one of those instances, Bio-Identical Hormones may place an added burden on the body. If I find these or other health concerns in the blood tests of my clients, my first step is to focus on treating the cause(s) with nutritional supplements, health products, treatment therapies and/or appropriate lifestyle changes. Many concerns including menopausal symptoms often lessen with these Protocols. Retesting determines the next step in treatment – and most of the time people are ready to start on the Bio-Identical Hormones that brought them to my practice in the first place!”

For a complete listing of lab tests that I recommend, please see the “Comprehensive Lab Tests” under “Professional Services” on my website Home Page.

Health Alert:  Protect others and animals by keeping them away from hormone creams and gels.

  1. Apply hormones onto areas of the body that will not come in contact with others or animals.
  2. Allow at least two hours for hormones to completely absorb into the skin.
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly after applying hormones.

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