Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can DeLaney prescribe Bio-Identical Hormones?

No – absolutely not because I am not licensed.  From 1989 to 2010, there were physicians who worked with my office and prescribed Bio-Identical Hormones that I recommended but because of growing concerns that I had about long-term usage of the BHRT, I switched exclusively to the non-prescription Bio-Identical Hormones that I had been utilizing continuously in my practice since 1989.  The non-prescription Bio-Identical Hormones that I continue to utilize and recommend in my practice are only available through healthcare professionals – and I caution you to purchase them through any internet sight – if you only knew what I know about that!!!

I will recommend use of specific hormones based on your individual needs and my analysis of your lab tests.  My assessment focuses on the numbers in your lab tests being in optimal reference ranges versus the standard reference ranges which are only based on statistics and are not based on optimal health.

Do Doctors Agree with DeLaney’s Recommendations for Lab Tests and Prescriptions?

Simple answer:  Yes – and No!

Yes – meaning that a growing number of physicians such as those who have been trained by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) and other progressive integrative and alternative medicine doctors would agree with my recommendations for testing and treatment. These physicians share the belief that Western medicine is highly based on prescription medications which do not restore the health of patients. These physicians also typically order more thorough hormone and thyroid testing for their patients than traditional doctors and they are much more likely to prescribe natural thyroid such as Armour Thyroid, NatureThroid or Westhroid – and to prescribe Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT) from compounding pharmacies instead of the more traditional hormone drugs such as Premarin.

No – meaning that most traditional Western medicine physicians adhere to the standard in medicine which is to comply with “community standard of practice.” They typically order fewer lab tests – especially for hormones and thyroid, for example they test FSH to measure hormone levels and TSH to measure thyroid – and they are often opposed to Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT) and natural thyroid including those stated in the paragraph above.

All this being said, I do understand where Western medicine doctors are coming from and I have compassion for them. And I understand that they are faced with insurance fraud anytime they write a diagnosis code for a lab test that they cannot substantiate – and they face scrutiny when they write a prescription that their fellow physicians disagree with. That’s why so many “alternative” doctors require that patients pay out-of-pocket for tests that are considered investigational by medical insurance companies.

So, how does this effect my practice??? It can limit or prevent my helping people who have financial restraints. And besides getting doctors to order the three thyroid tests that I want (TSH, Free T3 and Free T4), financial restraints are the most challenging thing that I deal with in my practice. For example, there have been so many people who could have been helped if their doctors would have prescribed the Armour thyroid and/or compounded prescription Bio-Identical Hormones that I recommended to treat their health issues (including depression) – but because TSH and FSH test results are within the lab reference ranges most doctors won’t prescribe those things – but they will prescribe antidepressants – even without testing. You don’t get it – and I don’t get it either, but that’s what they do!

For people who can pay out-of-pocket, the thyroid supplements and Bio-Identical Hormones that I recommend and utilize in my practice often make a significant improvement in their health and well-being. But there’s a “but” here which is that clients are required to retest blood levels as needed based on individual circumstances in order to get hormones from my office.  “But” – there’s another way of purchasing the thyroid supplements and hormones:  people can order products through my website because when people order online they are self-treating which is what many people do these days.

So if you have concerns about ongoing out-of-pocket costs, I want you to know this information upfront because I know that cost can be a make-it-or-break-it factor in whether people can afford my professional services. In fact, Item 5 on my “Client Statement and Agreement Form” addresses the issue as follows: “Support from Your Physician: He or she may be in total disagreement with DeLaney’s interpretation of lab tests and her recommendations for treatment. If you must rely on the support of your physician and/or insurance coverage to get lab tests and prescriptions that DeLaney recommends, she may not be able to help you.”
When my assistant discusses this information with clients, she explains it in a way that it makes sense to people – yet when it’s in writing without a friendly voice on the phone it can seem very matter-of-fact and harsh. If there was more room on the form, I could explain in detail – so I’m Thankful for this Q&A section which allows me to elaborate on that and many topics.

How do I order supplements?

Most of the supplements that we stock are available online through my website which is . You can also place an order for supplements via email: or by calling the office directly at 805-969-3600.  Amie enjoys contact with our clients and welcomes phone calls!

How long does it take for my supplements to be shipped?

Supplements shipped through our primary company, GSO (Golden State Overnight) to residents living in California, and select metropolitan areas of Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico typically arrive the next business day – often during morning hours.  Shipments to other parts of the United States are shipped via USPS and typically arrive in 3-5 business days.  Expedited shipping is available upon request for an additional fee for shipping charges plus a handling fee.

How much can I expect to pay for an appointment with DeLaney?

My fee schedule can be found on this website by following the “Professional Fee Schedule” link at the bottom of the homepage. The fee for office and telephone appointments is based on my current hourly rate of $225.00.

Depending on your health needs, appointments can last anywhere from 1-2 hours.  The initial appointment typically takes 60-90 minutes; complex health conditions may require longer.  Follow-up appointments are charged at the same hourly rate of $225, but are prorated accordingly to the length of the appointment as some may not require a full 60 minutes.  Additional charges that can be expected following an appointment include but may not be limited to supplements that are recommended for you (and that you decide to purchase through this office), fees for writing Lab Test Recommendations Letters, reviewing lab test results from your physicians and other work outside of appointments such as chart review or Protocol revisions.

If DeLaney recommends supplements, do I have to buy them?

No.  Although we carry many health supplements, including my own private-label supplements, you are not required to purchase those which I recommend for you. Because I stock only the highest quality and most effective supplements on the market, my clients expect me to recommend products that I believe will address their health issues.

I know that when people come in to my practice that they are not just here for information but are primarily here for my 30+ years of expertise, specialization and guidance for recommendations to improve their health.  Through experience, observing changes in client progress and through their blood test results, the effectiveness of the use of the supplements that I proudly recommend has been proven for many years.  For this reason, it is highly recommended that you purchase the supplements that I recommend through her office.  Experience has also taught me that clients typically achieve the best results by closely adhering to the Health Protocol that I recommend for them.  If I did not have this kind of success, I would not bother to stock over 200 different supplements from more than 50 different companies – but that’s what it takes to provide the best-of-the-best for my clients!

What can I expect in my first appointment with DeLaney?

Your first appointment with me typically lasts about 60-90 minutes. More complex cases often require longer appointments.  Appointments may be in the office or over the telephone.  We will send a “Health History Questionnaire” (HHQ) to you prior to your appointment; females will be sent a “Menstrual History Questionnaire” (MHQ).  We will also send a “Client Statement and Agreement” form.  You would need to initial each of the 12 items on the page, sign and date it, and return it to this office prior to your appointment.

The HHQ addresses your health history, current health concerns and health goals as well as your diet and lifestyle information to help me assess your overall health needs.  The MHQ is specific to female health issues and menstrual history – and I need this information even if you haven’t menstruated for many years.   I will review the information on the questionnaire(s) with you and will discuss any other concerns that you have – then I will make recommendations such as those listed below.

1)  Lab Tests:  If you have lab tests that are recent (within six months), I may be able to utilize this information to recommend some treatment options to help you get started.  BUT, when it comes to lab tests, my 30 years experience is that physicians rarely (or never) order all of the tests that I need to give a complete evaluation of your health and hormone status.  And without thorough lab tests there’s just too much guesswork involved.  I believe in making important decisions about your health based on facts – and blood tests as well as other diagnostic tests can provide facts.  I pray for the day that a client comes in for an appointment and has ALL of the blood tests that I want and need to do my job!!

2)  Lab Test Recommendations Letter:  I typically write a letter specifying each lab test that I recommend.  You may take this letter to your physician and ask that he or she order the tests for you.  This is especially effective because it keeps your personal physician involved in your healthcare – and that’s something that I like to do in my practice (IF your doctor is willing to work with us.)  Another benefit is that medical coverage may also apply for the cost of SOME or all of the tests – especially if you are having symptoms for which your physician can assign diagnosis codes.

Please Note:  There will most likely be a charge to you for preparing a Lab Test Recommendations Letter because I charge for all work that I do outside of appointments.  Depending on the complexity of the letter (meaning the number and extent of the lab tests that I am requesting) the charge is typically between $40 and $110.00.

3)  Lab Tests – How to Get Lab Tests if your Physician Will Not Order the Tests for You:  If this is the case then I will make a recommendation for other options for you.

4)  Appointments to Discuss Lab Test Results:   If you do have lab work done, you will need to schedule an appointment to discuss the results.  Appointments may be in my office or over the telephone; for either, you will need to have a copy of the lab tests in front of you so that you can make notes on your copy as I review each and every lab test that was performed – one test at a time.  I will explain each test as follows:

a)  What the test is for;

b)  How the test relates to your symptoms or health conditions;

c)  What the optimal number should be, and

d)  Any recommendation that I have to improve the number, such as dietary and/or lifestyle changes, dietary supplements and/or Bio-Identical Hormones.

Note:  Appointments to discuss lab test results typically take 30, 60 or 90 minutes – however much time it takes me to do a thorough job for you.  I can generally get pretty close to knowing the amount of time it will take once I review your test results and we will convey that information to you when we call you to schedule your appointment.

5)  Follow-Up Lab Tests:  My general answer is that comprehensive lab tests will ideally be repeated yearly.  But in reality, some lab tests may need to be repeated every 3-6 months in order to provide the best care for you.

6)  Follow-Up Appointments:  Once you get started on your recommended “Protocol,” I suggest that you work with it for 3-4 weeks and then schedule a follow-up appointment based on how you are doing.  If you are not doing well after 5 days on your Protocol or have follow-up questions or concerns, I need and expect you to call the office right away and we will take it from there.  If it is a simple issue that can be addressed by my assistant getting some information from you to pass on to me, then that may be handled at no cost.  If it’s a situation where I need more information to make a decision, then my assistant will call you to schedule a phone or office appointment.

For urgent matters, we will schedule you ASAP based on my availability.  Because this is how I practice, we typically reserve time each day to take care of urgent calls.  If it’s a quick-and-easy matter, you likely will not be charged but if it requires that I review the information in your chart then my professional fee would be based on the time that it takes and the level of work that I need to do in order to help you.

Otherwise, once you are nicely situated on your Protocol, I expect to see you or talk with you every three to six months to make sure you continue to do well and are reaching your health goals.  So many people are just happy to be free of symptoms so they proudly tell me they are better – but I don’t want you to just be better – I want you to be well – really well!!! – as well as you could possibly be under the circumstances of your life and health issues!

7)  Optimum Health Protocols and Holistic Anti-Aging Protocols:  Starting with your initial appointment, we will prepare a Protocol for you and will update it whenever there is a change.  The Protocol will have a) the name of the supplement or hormone product, b) what the supplement or hormone is for; c) the time of day to take it, and d) the quantity to take.

8)  Hormones:  If you are coming to see me for hormones (natural, Bio-Identical Hormones, of course) I want to be sure that you are clear about these two important issues:

a)  I only do complete healthcare, meaning that I DO NOT do hormones-only!!! – and I believe that just taking hormones without being on a health program is wrong – horribly wrong!!!  Also, I have concerns about doctors who prescribe hormones based on symptoms or age without doing comprehensive lab testing.  While I do realize that this has been a long-term and common practice in medicine – I still know that it is wrong!  Some women and men are clearly not candidates for taking hormones of any kind – and lab tests are an important way to assess the risks of taking hormones.  The whole body must be treated!  And if you have aging organs and glands, putting high powered hormones in your body can be like taking rocket fuel – and too many things can go wrong over time.  Furthermore, I am adamantly opposed to women over 55 having menstrual cycles – that’s not a menstrual cycle – that’s bleeding!

b)  As a reminder, I am not licensed and do not “prescribe” Compounded Pharmacy Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT).  For 21 years (1989 to 2010), I worked with physicians who prescribed BHRT for my clients who wanted or needed the stronger, more potent prescription hormones.  But when I could convince clients to use non-prescription Bio-Identical Hormones, it became clear that most did as well or better on non-prescription, lower potency Bio-Identical Hormone creams or sublingual drops which included Progesterone, Estradiol, Estrone and Estriol – all made from the Wild Mexican Yam, and Testosterone products made from herbs.  So my preference for the past five years has been non-prescription BHRT.  But for people who NEED stronger potency hormones than I have available, I will write out my recommendations for you to take to your physician for consideration.

Note:  A “Bio-Identical Hormone” is a hormone that is biologically identical to the same hormone that your body makes.  Although there remains great controversy among scientists, researchers and physicians, I still believe that most, if not all,  hormone drugs can cause numerous health conditions especially because hormone drugs cannot be fully broken down in the body.

Additional Note about Hormone Products:  Just because a hormone is considered “natural” – meaning it’s from nature – that does not mean that it’s safe or that it’s effective.  So if you are going to take or use hormones of any kind, I highly recommend that you work with a specialist in that field – and not just someone who knows how to prescribe, but someone who knows how to treat!!!

What if I have more questions after my appointment? Do I get billed for all communication with the office?

It depends on the nature of the situation.  My Holistic Health Assistant, Amie, is available to answer many of your follow-up questions that you may have after your appointment.  If you need clarification from something discussed in an appointment or on supplement information and dosage, then an appointment is most likely not necessary and you will not be charged. You may contact Amie by calling this office or if it’s a simple issue, you may sent an email.

However, depending on the complexity of your questions or if you have new questions that arise outside of an appointment, you may need to schedule an appointment.  Sometimes the questions that my clients ask are very simple – but my answers can be very complex.  And sometimes I have to ask “20 Questions” before I can answer what may seem to be a quick and easy question.  So time spent in appointments are subject to be billed and prorated at my hourly rate of $225.00.

Where did DeLaney receive her training in health care?

My training and experience in health care comes from many different resources which includes the following:

  • Central State University, Edmond OK  (1973-1979)
  • American River College (1980-1983)
  • Preventive Medical Clinic, Sacramento CA  (1988-1990)
  • Registered Nutrition Consultant (1989)
    • American Nutrition Consultants Association
  • Naturopath: Clayton College of Natural Health (1989)
  • American College for Advancement in Medicine (1989)
  • Board Certified Naturopath:  American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, District of Columbia (1991)
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (Active member since 1992)
  • Thierry Hertoghe, M.D. – Endocrinology/Thyroid Disorders (1998-Present)
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)
    • Fellowship Program:  Hormone Therapy (2007)

I remain at the forefront of my field in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT) and Anti-Aging and integrative therapies by regularly attending progressive holistic and anti-aging medical conferences which present the latest research and clinical applications of complementary and alternative therapies used throughout the world.  Since 1989, I am very proud to state that I have studied side-by-side and in the lecture halls of some of the all-time greatest physicians and educators in the health field.  I especially appreciate and credit Garry Gordon, M.D., the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine for providing the foundation of my knowledge of science-based nutritional and Anti-Aging Therapies.

Why does DeLaney charge extra for work outside of appointments?

When people ask me how long it took me to perform a certain task for them – I tell them that it took 30 years – but I only charged them for a part of the time!!!  Because that’s how long it has taken for me to have the accumulated knowledge that I have and that I bring to every task I perform.  It takes time and dedicated attention to do a thorough job for a client and there is a lot of work that must be performed outside of appointments.  This includes work such as reviewing lab tests, writing lab test recommendations letters, reviewing Health History Questionnaires in order to make a change in Protocol and addressing health concerns via email.

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the FDA. In accordance with government regulations, DeLaney Gabriel, LLC, declares that the products on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.

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