Holistic Anti-Aging


DeLaney regards Holistic Anti-Aging Therapy as the optimal approach to maintaining health during the aging process.

In her practice, Holistic Anti-Aging Programs are prepared individually for clients based on a wide variety of criteria which includes the following.

  1. Detailed consultation focused on current symptoms, health history and prior lab test results
  2. Comprehensive lab testing to assess overall health and hormone levels and establish a baseline for future comparison; follow-up testing as indicated by test results and symptoms
  3. Review of lab test results with emphasis on optimal numbers – not reference ranges that are irrelevant to optimum health
  4. Analyze deficiencies and imbalances
  5. Optimum Health Programs for Quality-of-Life based on current symptoms, lab test results, genetic predisposition to disease, personal health goals and preventing disease:
  • Lifestyle changes – quit doing what causes the problems
  • Healthful diet based on blood type, digestive concerns, weight management and individual preferences for foods
  • Nutritional products to target health issues
  • Dietary supplements to fill the gaps between what you need and what you get from your diet
  • Hormone products and Bio-Identical Hormones (non-prescription) as/if needed – based on symptoms and disease prevention and personal choice

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