She is extremely knowledgeable about bio-identical hormones . . which I feel have kept me more youthful and healthy than my biological years.

I was first introduced to DeLaney Gabriel's philosophy in 1997 ago at a workshop on treatments for natural menopause. I was so impressed with her presentation that I started seeing her privately. And since I was under her care before I went into menopause, my actual experience with it was fairly uneventful having no night sweats or hot flashes. She is extremely knowledgeable about bio-identical hormones and has recommended various hormones in different strengths which I feel have kept me more youthful and healthy than my biological years.

Over the years, DeLaney has with great sensitivity and kindness guided me through numerous conditions both physical and emotional including treatments for allergies, bone loss, sports injuries, stress, etc. She is continually in the process of advancing her knowledge of the latest medical developments often refusing to purchase products that no longer live up to her high standards and always emphasizing the importance of emotional and environment toxins.

DeLaney has become a vital part of my efforts to stay healthy and slow down or prevent the various symptoms of aging. She is a uniquely professional and caring woman who will always place your needs first. I truly consider myself blessed to have her in my life.

R.W. Santa Monica, CA Client since 1997 October 8, 2014

I consider her to be an amazing healer, my “primary physician” and my personal savior.

I was referred to DeLaney by a lifetime friend while I was going through breast cancer which was diagnosed on my 50th birthday.

Over the course of a year I had numerous surgeries and was also put on the hormone drug Tamoxifen for my stage 1 cancer. After 6 months I started to have extremely, dangerously, heavy periods that just never ended. My GYN discovered that I had developed uterine polyps. One of the side effects of Tamoxifen is that it can cause uterine cancer, so this was extremely alarming. My doctor suggested we “try” a DNC, if it didn’t work, we’d “try” another one and if that didn’t work, she suggested a hysterectomy. I got a second opinion and they said the same thing. By this time I had decided to have a bi-lateral mastectomy so I could “safely” go off the Tamoxifen, but this was my 5th surgery and I was not interested in having anymore surgeries, ever.

I called DeLaney. We just connected. Her questions were thoughtful, she spent a lot of time with me, her answers were very through. After one phone consultation, I followed her advice immediately and within 3 days the bleeding stopped. By the next consultation she was starting me on a program of supplements and bio-identical hormones that after a year had completely cleared up the polyps. I went to the doctor and had them do an ultrasound to make sure. I actually got to see my very healthy uterus on a big screen; the nurse told me that if she didn’t know my age, she would have guessed that I was 35. I just thought it was miraculous.

I am now 60. I still get blood tests for DeLaney every year and continue following her prescribed regimen based on my tests. I am cancer free and I have never had any symptoms of menopause. I didn’t meet DeLaney until 2 years into this process, everything is done over the phone. I consider her to be an amazing healer, my primary “physician” and my personal savior. She would be the first professional I would call for almost any health issue at this point and I am thankful for her every single day.

E.C. Honolulu, HI Client since 2006 October 9, 2014

Her attention to individual health needs is what makes her so exceptional

DeLaney Gabriel is the reason I enjoy such excellent health today - especially compared to my peers. Her attention to individual health needs is what makes her so exceptional.

It's been 23 years since I began working with DeLaney. She is my first and foremost resource regarding any health issue. She has guided me through autoimmune issues, change of life issues, anti-aging and general well-being issues. And in today's healthcare climate - she's quite simply a refreshing voice.

B.L.M. Sacramento, CA Client since 1993 October 9, 2014

She reviews my extensive blood panel every year and adjusts my bio-identical hormones and my supplements so that my health is optimal, not just within the medical safety range.

DeLaney helped me through a difficult menopause in 1998 and has kept me healthy ever since! She had a quick, inexpensive, natural, remedy for a personally troublesome issue the medical establishment seemed to have no answer for. She reviews my extensive blood panel every year and adjusts my bio-identical hormones and my supplements so that my health is optimal, not just within the medical safety range.

Her attention to my wellness paid off recently in a quick recovery from a serious fall. I consider my work with her, and her supplements, an investment in my lifetime good health.

P.S. Sacramento, CA Client since 1998 October 8, 2014

DeLaney excels in lab tests . . provides comprehensive explanations focusing on optimal ranges rather than statistics

I learned about DeLaney and Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy (NHRT) from a class she gave in Sacramento in 1999. I started seeing her in 2000. Recently, she also treated my ninety year-old father for several years which helped his thyroid and other health conditions immensely. I have recommended her to family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers for all the years I have worked with her.

I was perimenopausal, experiencing the onset of symptoms, especially insomnia. Because my mother had ovarian cancer, I knew that only an expert in NHRT would suit my needs. I had a very easy transition through both perimenopause and menopause by seeing DeLaney.

Although I was fairly healthy, I had chronic hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, and severe adrenal fatigue when I first started to see her. My thyroid condition is almost normal with the supplements DeLaney gave to me. The adrenal fatigue is almost gone completely.

DeLaney’s supplements are superlative. Every one that I use has improved my health - especially those for thyroid and adrenal conditions. The bovine glandulars are the best.

DeLaney excels in the area of lab tests: she knows the tests that need to be ordered to fully assess health and provides very comprehensive and detailed explanations of test results focusing on optimal ranges rather than traditional reference ranges which are based on statistics and research on others. She also provides very caring support and constant encouragement to continue with the protocols and supplements.

Her compassion, intelligence and expertise are unrivaled in the NHRT field. She is uniquely qualified in her practice to counsel women in maintaining optimal health at any age. Her questions are engaging and thorough about health history and I always felt she was interested in helping me achieve my personal health goals. I have the highest regard and trust in her work.

The staff is always extremely courteous, competent and concerned. Calls are always returned promptly. I reside out of state and supplements arrive very quickly when shipped. The shipments are always accurate. I have never had any issues, but I’m sure they would be resolved quickly.

I have complete trust in the supplements that DeLaney carries. Her website contains excellent information for self-help health issues. For ordering supplements, I call or send emails to her office.

I truly owe my good health to Delaney’s care and concern since working with her. I have learned so much from her about functional medicine which she was practicing 30 years ago prior to its current vogue status. She has the highest professional standards and the most sincere concern for her clients. My father’s health was maintained up until he was near death with her deep knowledge of geriatric medicine.

Prior to working with Delaney, I was fairly well informed about integrative medicine. I have learned many nuances from her regarding lab tests results and supplementation over the years. Her line of supplements is top notch and well worth the investment in taking them regularly.

I remain extremely grateful for DeLaney and my good fortune in learning about her practice while I resided in Sacramento. She is a legendary gift to all women seeking to expand their health awareness through holistic health. I cannot imagine how any woman suffers through hormonal changes of life without NHRT. We are so fortunate to have access to this form of medicine and a practitioner with such integrity and stature.

Sincere thanks for all you have done for me, and my father!!

P.C. Clemmons, NC Client since 2000 March 9, 2016

DeLaney has a really good intuition. She is able to look at the facts but also works on an intuitive perceptive level. I think she is really quite gifted.

I was referred to DeLaney from another client of hers in 2011. At the time, I did not know I was “tired” but I no longer feel “lethargic” – I definitely have more energy and a renewed sense of vitality! It’s the Truth!! I feel that all the supplements I am taking are working together!

She has really helped me with lab tests. Her knowledge of all that stuff is difficult to describe; she looks at the ranges and she is able to zoom in on the problem areas. The medical ranges are not necessarily an accurate range; they can either be too strict or too lenient but with DeLaney it is easy to feel confident because you can tell when someone knows what they are talking about.

DeLaney has a really good intuition. She is able to look at the facts but also works on an intuitive perceptive level. I think she is really quite gifted!

Supplements I like the most are the Pro-Tri-Est Cream because it has the 3 Estrogens in it and it really works GREAT! I like the DIM & Curcumin because it gets rid of the bad Estrogens, and the Pregnenelone is really great too because I think it really helps aid in the balancing of all my hormones.

Lastly, I want to say that I value her knowledge from my heart. She is as wonderful a person as she is factual! I would recommend DeLaney - Hands Down – Absolutely!!!

J.H. Sacramento, CA Client since 2011 March 9, 2016

DeLaney reviewed the test results with me and turns out I was deficient in many areas and one impacted my memory.

My office mate had breast cancer and was working with DeLaney and getting results so I decided to be proactive and started working with her in 2013. I didn't have any symptoms and didn’t think I had any health issues and was doing many challenging things like Ironman events, etc., but I wanted to get a holistic check-up.

I had an initial telephone appointment with DeLaney and based on my information she wrote a letter specifying lab tests that she wanted me to get and my doctor ordered them for me. DeLaney reviewed the test results with me and turns out I was deficient in many areas and one impacted my memory.

Since being on DeLaney's program I have felt significant improvements. I have noticed that Pregnenolone has helped me the most because my memory is much improved. This is not a generic plan; she tailors a plan specifically to an individual’s needs. I order my supplements on her website and my Protocol includes CoQ-10, Fish Oil, DIM & Curcumin, Vit. B-12, Vit. D-3, Magnesium and her Progesterone Cream. My primary care doctor was very interested in DeLaney's recommendations and is very supportive.

DeLaney has really helped me with general health knowledge. I have trust and confidence in DeLaney’s ability because she listens to me, questions me, and I feel she has a sincere interest in my health. She is very knowledgeable in diet, nutrition, supplements, Bio-Identical Hormones and assessing lab tests. And I like that she bases her recommendations on lab test results and explains them in detail – then she recommends specific supplements and diet to help improve the numbers.

I attended a seminar that DeLaney gave in Honolulu in 2015 which was very informative. I recommend family and friends to her because, like I said earlier, she tailors a plan specifically to an individual’s needs.

L.F. Honolulu, HI Client since 2013 March 9, 2016

DeLaney’s knowledge and expertise in women’s health and hormones is unsurpassed.

DeLaney's knowledge and expertise in women's health and hormones is unsurpassed. I've used her personally and I've referred at least a dozen of my own patients to DeLaney with excellent success. I highly recommend her services.

D.K., D.C. Sacramento, CA Client since 2014 March 9, 2016

I delivered two beautiful healthy babies thanks to DeLaney Gabriel.

I delivered two beautiful healthy babies thanks to DeLaney Gabriel.

When I came to DeLaney in 1990, my doctor whom I was seeing at the time was a fertility specialist. He wanted me to have a full hysterectomy because in his opinion, he had put me on every kind of synthetic hormone but nothing worked.  After three laparoscopies, his final resolution was for me to have a hysterectomy. I had had a couple of pregnancies but DeLaney said that I probably lost them due to not holding the egg because I was lacking progesterone. 

After bringing all of my lab work to DeLaney, she said all I needed was progesterone cream. My instructions from her were to put cream on twice a day - and in two months I was pregnant with my first-born. After years of trying with a medical doctor I had no luck but with DeLaney it was a miracle. Later on, I moved down south, remarried and tried to get pregnant. I called DeLaney and she mailed me her Progesterone Cream. I started using it again and two months later my second child was conceived! Thanks DeLaney!!!

To this day, DeLaney, you are an Awesome doctor and you give the best vitamins and have given the best treatments for me to use. Our bodies show the results of information that you have instilled in me. DeLaney, I have always felt in the back of my mind that one day this testimonial would help women. Every time I would watch women whether it be the OPRAH show or a radio station I wanted to write to them - and I would think out loud, “Go see Dr. Delaney!!!!!!!” So I am grateful for you again and if you ever need me I’m here for you. Maybe one day I will see you on OWN!!!!  God Bless you DeLaney!!!!

M.J. Stockton, CA Client since 1990. October 8, 2014

As a female manager in a male dominated workforce I found menopause was leaving me foggy minded, tired from lack of sleep, stressed and at times unable to make decisions.

I have been a patient of DeLaney Gabriel since 2005.  My initial visit was to find relief from menopausal symptoms that were affecting me personally and professionally.  As a female manager in a male dominated workforce I found menopause was leaving me foggy minded, tired from lack of sleep, stressed and at times unable to make decisions.

Personally, my libido was down and when I sought help from my OB/Gyn she put me on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to which I had a negative reaction. Not finding any relief or support from my doctor, I turned to DeLaney Gabriel.  In our initial visit she took notes regarding my symptoms and ordered a blood panel.  Following up on the blood panel results, she recommended Bio-Identical Hormones that offered relief from my menopausal symptoms and my libido improved; my energy and vitality from supplements was an added bonus.  When my cholesterol went up my primary care doctor immediately prescribed a ‘pill’ but I chose to use the supplement Red Yeast Rice and my cholesterol level gradually came down.  Being anemic, I found help from the Iron Complex.   The added changes in my diet and exercise helped with my weight and I slept better.

In her role as a holistic practitioner, DeLaney mentioned in our initial meeting that she provided ‘no quick fixes’ but rather a sustained and focused partnership to find the best solution for ‘me.’  It was going to take time and my full investment in the process was essential.  It was also understood there might be a need to ‘tweak’ a given protocol if something did not work.  Following my Protocol, I feel at the top of my game and when I veer off I begin to feel the negative effects.

It is true that when you have your health you have everything – I am grateful about my good health, balanced hormones, and not using pharmaceuticals.  In summary, DeLaney Gabriel aims to empower you and educate you to live a healthy life, and in doing so you will see and feel the results.  I highly recommend DeLaney.

C.M.R. Daly City, CA Client since 2005 October 9, 2014

I have energy and it feels so fantastic especially at this age of 89.

After four years of being used to a sore throat bringing either pneumonia or bronchitis, I have just recovered from a sore throat with NO other illness!! I went to my Dr. who checked me out and gave me a Z-Pak (in case or when I started to cough), but it did not happen! Within three days I was perfectly well. I followed your protocol of extra Vit. D3 and Micell-A, Zinc, Vit. C etc.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your expertise in giving me the correct supplements. I really feel like a million bucks! I have energy and it feels so fantastic especially at this age of 89.

I shall continue my prayers for you that the Holy Spirit will continue to give you great insight!! My love and thanks!!

J.V. Sacramento, CA Client since 1992 November 6, 2014

Some people might argue that at age 25 I shouldn’t need to think about anti-aging quite yet, but I think anyone can benefit from DeLaney’s services.

As someone with a strong history of cancer in my family, my mom referred me to DeLaney to take preventative measures with my health. I learned a lot about hormones and myself just by reviewing my blood work with DeLaney, and I am very pleased with the results I've had over the last year.

Specifically, DeLaney has helped me lower my estrogen levels and raise my progesterone levels with a progesterone cream, she's helped me raise my serotonin and Vitamin D levels with 5-HTP and some Vitamin D supplements, and she's helped me strengthen my bones with Magnesium supplements.

I really do feel way more balanced and like myself since I started taking DeLaney's supplements regularly. I like that she educates you about her products and also gives recommendations for diet and lifestyle improvements. Some people might argue that at age 25 I shouldn't need to think about anti-aging quite yet, but I think anyone can benefit from DeLaney's services.

J.K. San Francisco, CA Client since 2015 March 9, 2016

I needed an alternative to conventional medicine that was letting me down with regard to hormone therapy and supplements needed for my well-being and preventative care.

I was referred to DeLaney in 1997 when my kids were young and life was busy. At the time I felt I needed an alternative to conventional medicine that was letting me down with regard to hormone therapy and supplements needed for my well-being and preventative care.

Over the years my protocol has changed as I’ve aged, but with DeLaney’s help, I have maintained my hormone health, which I attribute to keeping me level and healthy all these years. Today, supplements such as Iron, Energizing Iron and Vit. B-12 has helped me with a current issue of anemia. Other supplements continue to support my physical and emotional health at a time when things in my life have been stressful. I am grateful for the extra support.

DeLaney’s strengths are that she’s an intuitive listener, always sensitive to my needs - and she’s just as present on a telephone consult as she is in person. She helps me in so many ways beyond the normal doctor-patient relationship and I am thankful for her.

Smart, sensitive staff members are around DeLaney, giving me the assistance I need in a professional, timely manner.

DeLaney’s many years of experience and uniquely personal attention continually reminds me that each of us deserve her personalized whole-body approach to our best health and quality of life.

M.K. Davis, CA Client since 1997 March 9, 2016

Her knowledge, expertise and compassion are comforting in a world where health care can be so misleading and confusing.

When I first met DeLaney in 2008 I wasn't sure where to turn.  I was a healthy, energetic mom of three young daughters that all of a sudden felt an overwhelming sense of fatigue and lack of energy.  My usual energetic self was laying on the couch wondering what was wrong.

DeLaney helped me to understand what was going on with my body.  Menopause was setting in along with thyroid issues which all culminated at once thus causing me to feel so bad.  With her help and the use of estradiol, Progesterone, and Thyroid Support, I was back to feeling like my old self.  In the midst of blood testing and screening DeLaney discovered I was also showing beginning signs of osteoporosis.  Not wanting to take the usual somewhat harmful medication for it, we also supplemented with Vit. D3 and Vit. K and a consistent weight bearing workout routine.  My next bone scan showed no new signs of bone degeneration and I was thrilled.

DeLaney has an intuitive and keen sense about her patients.  Her warm and gracious manner as well as her direct and no nonsense approach toward our health are few and far between in today's medical field.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that I can contact DeLaney at any time with a concern about me, my children or even a friend and she is always there to help. Her knowledge, expertise and compassion are comforting in a world where health care can be so misleading and confusing.

M.N.M. Sacramento, CA Client since 2008 October 8, 2014

DeLaney’s extensive knowledge regarding hormones, aging, nutrition and laboratory interpretation is beyond impressive.

I have known DeLaney Gabriel since 2001.  I have been an RN for more than 40 years.  I originally contacted her regarding hormone balancing; I was 47 at the time.  I credit her with getting me through peri-menopause and menopause smoothly.  But over the last several years, she has helped me in even more profound ways.

She has assisted me to not only stabilize my hormones but to overcome chronic iron deficiency anemia, low thyroid, high cholesterol, a vitamin D deficiency, greatly improve my seasonal allergy symptoms, and she has worked tirelessly on a very stubborn chronic insomnia problem.

DeLaney’s extensive knowledge regarding hormones and aging, nutrition for longevity, and laboratory interpretation is beyond impressive but when you add her laser sharp intuitive gifts, she is simply invaluable.  In addition, her supplements are so powerful, you will never wonder, as with other vitamins and supplements you may have taken in the past, if they are “working”.  With DeLaney’s products you will know, often within hours.

DeLaney uses a very holistic approach.  She looks far beyond the surface of every problem and employs not only the usual western medicine techniques but assesses many other energetic factors that may be causing an imbalance that could be influencing the situation.  These gifts I have found to be truly amazing and literally life changing for me.

M.O. El Dorado Hills, CA Client since 2001 October 8, 2014

Knowledge is power. With DeLaney’s help I have been able to keep my symptoms under control with her suggestions of supplements, blood tests, diet and exercise.

I was referred to DeLaney by a friend back in 1995. I was having problems with what I thought was gluten intolerance with significant weight loss.

Knowledge is power. With DeLaney’s help I have been able to keep my symptoms under control with her suggestions of supplements, blood tests, diet and exercise.
The product that has been a God-send for me and I will not be without is DeLaney’s Pro-Botics. Pro-Botics has helped me with my irritable bowel symptoms of indigestion, nausea and cramping. DeLaney has recommended that I try other formulas but her Pro-Botics is the best.

DeLaney has given me hope and provided me with knowledge on how to take care of my health issues naturally in addition to the recommendations that my health care provider recommended. I have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, I am in menopause and I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and DeLaney has been a fantastic support in explaining to me how I can deal with my diabetes naturally by taking supplements, changing my diet and exercising. DeLaney has provided her clients with various training seminars that she has conducted.

DeLaney is a hard worker and works long hours to care for her clients. DeLaney is very knowledgeable, a great listener and takes a sincere interest in my health. I trust her suggestions and recommendations. DeLaney has explained to me why I should use a supplement or product over something else. DeLaney has kept abreast of new developments. DeLaney has given me hope when I thought there was nothing more that could be done for my health issues (IBS, Diabetes and menopause). I would not hesitate to recommend family or friends to Delaney.

DeLaney told me something that I will never forget. She told me, “If you have an emergency get in to see your doctor and do as you are instructed, once you get through your health crisis then we can look at incorporating natural supplementation.”

For as long as I have been seeing DeLaney she has always had a quality staff, if she had a scheduled appointment and she is running behind she will call you and let you know. DeLaney or her staff returns telephone calls promptly. Supplements are shipped in record time and if I have had any problems DeLaney’s office has resolved them promptly.
I really like the website DeLaney has with her supplements. I have found the website to be user friendly and easy to place orders. DeLaney knows the quality of her products and only recommends the best for her clients. I trust DeLaney’s products because she has used them and knows what’s in her products.

DeLaney and her staff have been a blessing to me. DeLaney has been very honest, up front and supportive with me about my health issues. I am truly grateful for what she has done and continues to do for me, my family and others.

K.G. Elk Grove, CA Client since 1995 March 9, 2016

. . on my first phone visit with her, with my medical history and symptoms at hand, she said, “I know what’s wrong with you but we’re going to prove it.”

DeLaney Gabriel saved my life.

After years of seeking help from the established medical community, I was discouraged and disillusioned.  I had dinner-plate size hives all over my body, succumbed to every flu virus that came within a mile of me, and was constantly so tired that I could barely make myself rise from the edge of the bed every morning.  I had seen three doctors.  One had suggested stress therapy.  One offered me Prozac.  And the final one, on the second visit, met me in the waiting room and revealed that he did not know what was wrong with me and could not help me.  I vowed I would never again tell anyone how bad I felt.

And then menopause struck and my discouragement became desperation.  A life-long friend recommended DeLaney Gabriel to me in 1993, and on my first phone visit with her, with my medical history and symptoms at hand, she said, “I know what’s wrong with you but we’re going to prove it.”  A battery of blood tests later, I knew I had Epstein-Barr Virus, commonly known as EBV or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  In spades.

She explained that the treatment plan was to rebuild my immune system which the virus had destroyed.  It would not be quick but it would be effective.  She provided tonics, supplements, specific diets, instructions on lifestyle choices, hormone creams, amazing knowledge, incredible insights and encouragement to soldier on.

I did exactly what she said to do and I got better.  And better.  And BETTER!  Today I arise in the mornings without the slightest hesitation, with renewed energy and faith in my body.  I am 71 years old and I feel younger than I did 25 years ago.  And I have DeLaney Gabriel to thank for that.

Because I have studied Epstein-Barr Virus, I now know that, while the virus does not kill its host, the weakened immune system makes it probable that something else will do the job.  I am alive today, able to do whatever I choose, because in 1993, I made the right phone call.  And to this day, I regularly consult with DeLaney and am grateful beyond measure for her insightful, knowledgeable treatments for any issue I may have and her caring dedication to consistently improve and sustain my health.

DeLaney Gabriel literally saved my life and continues to do so every single day.

M.G. - Missouri City, TX Client since 1993 March 30, 2016

This is an exceptionally professional office and staff.

We have been working with DeLaney Gabriel since 2010.  Whether we pick them up or have them shipped, we always get our supplements on time. This is an exceptionally professional office and staff.  Thank you for serving our area! 

Mike Sacramento CA Area Customer since 2010 October 8, 2014

She knows how to read blood work like no doctor I have ever been to and takes time to explain everything.

Since 1999, I have had the privilege working with DeLaney to balance my hormones, improve my quality of life as well as my physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

DeLaney is not only a highly qualified practitioner but deeply cares for her clients. She does extensive research and reviews studies, meets with doctors, attends conferences and is constantly learning so as to pass the benefits on to her clients. DeLaney also does research for the purest of ingredients that go into the vitamins she recommends. She knows how to read blood work like no doctor I have ever been to and takes time to explain everything and recommends the protocol to help in balancing the needs found.

DeLaney is a trusted practitioner and over the years I can say she has become a valued friend and I am truly Blessed to have found her.

S.M. Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Client since 1999 October 9, 2014

I most needed information . . to help prevent cancer recurrence . . DeLaney provided information which was not discussed by my medical doctor . .

A friend referred me to DeLaney and I started working with her in Jan., 2013. I most needed information on how to maintain health and do whatever I could nutritionally to help prevent cancer recurrence.

The symptoms that have improved since starting on DeLaney’s program are my kidney function and liver function have improved. Still cancer free. DeLaney has counseled me about my general health, diet and lifestyle, and she has recommended supplements and hormones based on her evaluation of my lab test results which she reviewed and explained to me.

She provided excellent information at a cancer prevention and treatment seminar in Honolulu in May, 2015. Of additional importance to me is that DeLaney provided information which was not discussed by my medical doctor and I would absolutely recommend her services.

In addition to the supplements that I take to improve liver and kidney function, I also take the Vita-Mins for good health, the Vit. B-12 5 mg. for more energy - I was really deficient in B-12 as well, and I take the Vitamin D Drops.

Love the service and support that I get from the entire team. So easy to order supplements, love the confirmation of orders that come via email and the orders are always processed so quickly. The only part of the website that I really know is the on-line shopping function and I find that to be simple and easy to use.

DeLaney is also working with my daughter to help her deal with tumefactive demylination, an autoimmune disease that she was diagnosed with in 2015. The disease impacted her brain and required brain surgery. DeLaney helped her with various supplements to help rebuild Myelin in her brain cells, deal with the side effects of her medication, and she also gave her great nutritional guidance to support her overall health.

J.S. Honolulu, HI Client since 2013 March 9, 2016

I had been suffering with sinus infections every few months for several years

I first went to DeLaney Gabriel in 1994 because I had been suffering with sinus infections every few months for several years. I had reacted to an 'allergy' prednisone injection and decided that I needed a different way to handle my health. A friend recommended DeLaney and at the very first appointment, DeLaney identified that I had a cow's milk allergy. I had had no idea. I immediately stopped dairy and took the recommended supplements to clear me of the remaining sinus issues. I have only had one sinus infection since when I had dinner with a cheese maker. What could I do?

I have used the supplements recommended by DeLaney and had professionals mention the high quality of these products. The 'Immune Support Herbs' has averted what could have been lengthy illnesses in my busy life. I rarely get colds. DeLaney explained that many had really been allergy reactions.

DeLaney is a supportive listener who has given me insight into other aspects of my life as well. I am so fortunate to have found her. She truly changed my life.

L.F. Auburn, CA Client since 1992 October 9, 2014

Soon after I started the supplements and Bio-Identical Hormones – NO more hot flashes!!!! No migraines, better sleep, more energy, over all feeling of well-being – and weight loss.

I was having Peri-Menopausal symptoms and a friend told me that DeLaney had really helped her. I had my first appointment with her over the phone on Sept. 1st, 2015. My symptoms included hot flashes, irritability, fatigue, low energy, chronic migraines, weight gain, short term memory loss and word searching. And I was overwhelmed with normal day to day schedules. DeLaney wrote a letter specifying each lab test she recommended for me. I’m an R.N. and have a good relationship with my doctor’s office and they ordered the tests for me.

In reviewing my lab tests – also over the phone – DeLaney carefully reviewed each lab test with me – and what a relief to know that my hormone levels were off, and to have that validation plus having DeLaney advise me how to bring me back to feeling myself again.
Soon after I started on the supplements and Bio-Identical Hormones that DeLaney recommended, NO more hot flashes!!!! No migraines x 5 months, better sleep, more energy, overall feeling of well-being – and weight loss.

I am taking her private-label supplements including Vita-Mins, Iron, Magnesium and Vit. D3 5000. For hormones, her PhytoEstrogen Cream has helped my energy and well-being, I take the Pro-Tri-Est Cream for vaginal dryness and her Progesterone Cream for sleep and migraine relief.

Delaney has helped me with general knowledge about health and diet as well as how to implement some changes in my life and lifestyle that have had a positive impact. I have been a nurse for 33 years and she has taught me so much I didn't realize about lab test results. Most of my lab results were "normal" by medical standards but DeLaney has the experience and knowledge to recommend what I need to get to feeling like myself again.....capable, strong, motivated, more than ENOUGH!!!

I didn't know anything about hormones, other than I knew I needed my estrogen and couldn't accept not having it for my well-being or to only being on the estrogen pills prescribed by my provider for a limited time due to the cancer risks. The first 3 months I used all of the hormones and supplements that DeLaney recommended, but didn't implement the dietary recommendations she suggested. The past 2 months I have cleaned up my eating habits....bad sugar, bad fats, no dairy, no wheat and added high protein, lots of green vegetables and it has made all the difference in how I am feeling. I’ve lost 15 lbs. and am motivated to take off another 15.

Where do I begin to sing the praises of DeLaney Gabriel??!!! She is heaven sent. She has an amazing baseline of general health knowledge which goes far beyond the basic anatomy, physiology, methodology and medical treatment of human beings. She has a keen gift of listening and being totally present with me as her client. She pulls information from me that I have struggled to articulate and makes me feel like she only wants what is best for me and my health care. Having been in the health care industry for 33 years, and witnessed the limitations of modern medicine, she has validated the importance of the holistic approach aspect of medicine which is so often missing in today's world of ....."take a pill, feel better, increase the dose if it doesn't work and/or add another pill." But don't underestimate DeLaney's respect for medicine and its place.

DeLaney's staff has always been receptive to my needs in making appointments, issues with online product ordering, prompt response to my phone calls and emails, accountability in shipping my products out of state immediately and generally making me feel like she cares, never making me feel like I am a bother for calling or emailing. I feel like we have known each other for a long time instead of a brief 5 or 6 months.

I love DeLaney's updated website!!! It is simple and easy to use. I have referred a few of my friends and co-workers who ask about the change going on in me to her website. It is quick and easy to purchase my products online every month and provides all the information I need about products.

Yes, yes and yes!!!! I would recommend DeLaney to my family and friends! DeLaney has helped me get my life back. All my life I have loved everything about being a woman. I had my 2 daughters in my early 40's and felt so blessed, truly living "God makes all things good in His time." I thought it was so awesome to have had the opportunity to have babies "late in life" in my 40's, but when menopause hit, my thoughts changed to "it is so not cool to have teenage daughters in my 50's!!!" and then I met DeLaney and it bears repeating, she has helped me get my life back and it feels better than ever! Teenagers in my 50's???? bring it on!

K.S. Eagle, ID Client since 2015 March 9, 2016

Her supplements keep us in our mid-80’s more active, vibrant and healthy than acquaintances 20-30 years younger.

My wife, Darlene, and I are very grateful for DeLaney Gabriel's exceptional knowledge about health and are glad we can continue to work with her via phone consultations since we moved to Arizona many years ago.

We started seeing DeLaney when we lived in the Sacramento area in 1989 when she was working with Dr. Garry Gordon at Preventive Medical Clinic.  DeLaney's support through phone consults along with her recommended tests and her supplements keep us in our mid-80’s more active, vibrant, and healthy than acquaintances 20 - 30 years younger.

D.M. and H.M. Cornville, AZ Client since 1989 October 9, 2014

While I do have a regular physician, I rely on DeLaney for proactive work and retain my physician for reactive situations.

I turned 60 back in 2010 when we moved to the Monterey area, and while my healthcare philosophy has evolved over the years, it was time for me to investigate the Holistic approach. I found DeLaney in the phone book and decided to give her a try. We started with supplement counseling and later it developed into general counseling which I found go hand in hand.

Over the past 5 years she has helped me with diet, supplements, general health and lifestyle issues. While I do have a regular physician, I rely on DeLaney for proactive work and retain my physician for reactive situations. I have learned about my changing physical conditions and how they show up in blood testing, what can lead to what, and how hormone tuning can really work.

My cardiovascular health has improved significantly and my energy and physical activities are better than ever. I feel mentally much more stable than when I started. DeLaney takes her supplements quality and service very seriously. Same day shipments are the rule and her appointments are on-time. I am lucky to have her as a significant resource and have no need to look elsewhere.

H.R. Carmel, CA Client since 2010 March 9, 2016


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